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I went vegan and lost 30 pounds!

Hello Vantastic Family! I apologize for the delayed post but I caught up on some much needed rest for my holiday break. I hope you all had a great time over the holidays and enjoyed every moment! This week’s post will be dedicated to me losing 30lbs on a whole foods vegan diet as well as working out. This process wasn’t and isn’t easy but seeing results makes it worth the while!

I would shout it from the mountain top that living a whole foods vegan lifestyle will give you results! You just have to be consistent. If you have read my very first blog post you already know my initial motivation for becoming vegan and living a more health conscious lifestyle. It was for my female hormone health, but it also included other benefits as well and one that is very noticeable to anyone that sees me is my weight loss! My before picture on the left was taken August 2021 and the after was December 2021. I weighed 204lbs and I felt every bit of it. (I don't say this shame anyone for the number on the scale, but realistically this was a healthy weight for my body to perform its healthiest.) I currently weigh 170lbs and I am still on the journey. This lifestyle has been a blessing for me and my family and I want to share my tips to encourage and motivate you to become the best version of yourself, so let’s get into it!

Let me give you a few tips

  1. Carbs are not your enemy! I know you have heard this so many times but in all honesty, carbs are in all foods. You want to make sure you are eating healthy carbs. Carbs are what fuels our body and they are needed. Being vegan does increase my carb intake but I have lost more weight eating this way than any other diet I have tried, and I don’t feel deprived or stuffed!

  2. You will need to eat more (as crazy as that may sound). When you are eating Whole Foods, they are less in calories and require more so that you will be full. It’s normal to eat more of the good stuff, but the great news is that your body will use it all and the removal of what it doesn't need is a much easier process because it doesn’t take as long to break down the food.

  3. Prepare, Prepare, PREPARE! I can not stress how important it is to prepare your meals. Make sure you have snacks available because you will feel hungry at first and most of the time you only need to drink more water. But if you are feeling like you really need something to eat it is best to have a healthier snack available to you so you don’t make an impulsive bad choice.

  4. Increase your water intake! I know this one is a real struggle for some people but it is very important, even if you aren’t on a vegan diet. Our body is made up of about 60% water. That means it is vital for us to be HYDRATED! If you are someone who hates the taste of water try adding lemon, mint leaves, and your favorite fruit. This will give you a extra kick of flavor. Drinking enough water also helps your body to remove water weight. When we are not hydrated our bodies have the tendency to hold on to the fluid. Treat your body by making sure you are getting at least 2.7 liters (for women) and 3.7 liters (for men) of water intake a day.

  5. Get Active! Exercising has become something I look forward to and I have carved out time each day for it. I look at it as a part of “self care.” Becoming more active does the body wonders. Our bodies were created to move so it likes the challenge, even though our minds tell us otherwise. If you are wondering what I do for exercise, it is riding my Peloton bike, running on the treadmill and I also do light strength training. I look forward to being able to wake up and work out. It has become a pleasure instead of a chore, and you don’t have to be hardcore. I do not participate in workouts that aren’t enjoyable for me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t challenge myself.

  6. Enjoy the process and the results will come! Don’t get so stuck on the scale. I know that I am seeing faster results within this lifestyle because I no longer worry about weighing in every week. Instead I am happy with the fact that I am showing up for myself daily and making great choices.

Now let’s get into what a week of meals look like for me


  • Protein Shake made with strawberries, raspberries, soy protein milk, ginger shot, flax seed, matcha powder. (My favorite brand is Orgain Organic Protein in the vanilla flavor.)

  • Overnight oats made with rolled oats, vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, and peanut butter

  • Tofu scramble using Trader Joe’s organic firm tofu.

  • Pancakes using Benders Birch Plant Based Pancake & waffle mix

  • Veggie Sub


  • Chickpea salad with crackers

  • Chickpea salad sandwich (using fresh baked sourdough bread)

  • SouthWest Salad

  • Vegetable soup

  • Chili

  • Spring roll & soy sauce lo mein noodles


  • Chickpea Taco

  • Chickpea Burrito

  • Chickpea soup

  • Tofu crumble taco

  • Tofu crumble taco salad

  • Beyond burger & homemade potato fries (air fryer)

  • Fried rice & broccoli

  • Chickpea & corn patties (recipe is located under the recipe tab)

  • Meatless spaghetti

  • Lentil & vegetable soup


  • Siggi’s Protein yogurt

  • Oui Dairy free yogurt

  • Fruits (bananas, apples, pineapples, oranges, kiwi)

  • Oat protein balls

  • Peanut butter granola crunch cereal

This list could go on but I just wanted to share the basics. What I have noticed is that keeping it simple goes a long way. This makes it easier to prepare and keeps you from stressing out. Over time you will become comfortable with making new meals and this list will grow. And I want to clear the air with something, even if you aren't completely vegan, or you are vegetarian, the tips I offered are universal so you can definitely take something away from it.

(Disclaimer: I am not a health care provider. The tips and advice that I share are from my personal experience and are for motivational purposes.)


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