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Mindful Tips For Becoming Vegan

Hello to all my wonderful readers! I’m finally bringing you all one of the most anticipated reads, “Where do I start to become vegan or to eat healthier in general?” Whenever I tell someone that I am vegan the 1st thing they ask is “how do you do it?” It sometimes seems like most people think it’s an unattainable goal and I totally get it. Hopefully by now you have read my 1st blog so you know my back story and the motivation I have for sticking with my new lifestyle.

The tips that I am going to offer you will be mindful. I chose to share my mindful tips because I know that any change has to start in the mind first. Our mind is very powerful and what we tell ourselves is so important. Okay, so I won't make you all wait any longer. Let’s get into it!

First, get out of your head! Stop telling yourself that it is impossible, because it’s not. There are a lot of everyday food items that you eat that are vegan and you don’t even think about it. Most of the time we hender ourselves from accomplishing certain goals because we have already convinced ourselves that it’s not attainable. This way of thinking is a set up and a gateway to the land of quitting. Once you get out of your own head, I promise anything can happen.

Second, approach this new way of life with a plan. I know you may be wondering why in the world would you need to plan your meals, but I’m here to inform you that having no plan is simply planning to fail. It is a must when we are trying to break old habits, that we are prepared. Make a list of what you normally would eat in a day and find vegan substitutes (living in 2021, there are a ton of them.) Make sure you read until the end because I have some of my favorite substitutes and staples listed.

Third, educate yourself! Education is a must on any healthy journey, but I feel that there’s a lot that comes with eating a vegan diet that people don’t genuinely know or understand. The most important thing to understand is that being vegan alone doesn’t equate to being “healthy.” There are so many vegan options available that are not healthy for everyday consumption, and to give you an example, French fries. Although I use the term vegan, I eat more Whole Foods, basically plant based. Also adding supplements, it is highly suggested that you intake B12 vitamins when you are vegan. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about plant protein, how much to eat, water intake and so much more!

Fourth, be open minded. Trust me when I tell you that being vegan will bring out the curiosity for trying new food! Prior to me becoming vegan I was a very picky eater (I still am in most areas) and I was very reluctant to try new foods. I was one of those people who would go to a new restaurant and only eat the food that I was familiar with. Becoming vegan has encouraged me to explore new fruits, veggies, and other plant based foods that I’ve never even heard of, and guess what…I end up loving at least 90% of the new foods I try. I honestly feel like this new lifestyle feels like an adventure and I’m always excited about trying something new. I now actually look forward to trying something new. Being open minded is essential for growth. Don’t let that inner voice hold you back from exploring and this doesn’t only pertain to food. Life is truly worth exploring and living, so go for it!

Fifth, surround yourself with people who support your change or at least respect it. It can be so discouraging when you are making a change for yourself and you have “Debbie Downers” around who add no value to your life. I also advise you to expose yourself to others who have similar goals and interests. My social media is full of others that inspire me. I also love to read great books that align with my lifestyle. These actions feed the soul and are sometimes overlooked. Be careful who and what you are available for because protecting your energy should always be prioritized.

Sixth, give yourself some grace. If there’s nothing else that you remember from this read, please keep this one in your spirit. I have a question, why are we so hard on ourselves? Anytime we are making a change for the better we must realize that it is going to be a bumpy road. I can promise you that this journey isn’t going to be an easy one but in all honesty what journey has ever been? We just become stronger in the process. There will be moments where you make an honest mistake and there will be moments where you self-sabotage, but in all of these moments please give yourself grace. Understand that as long as you are showing up for yourself, you are a champion! Anything worth having is worth fighting for and you have to become committed to dusting yourself off when you fall and filling your soul with affirmations. We all need a pat on the back and I’m not talking about one from anyone else other than yourself.

Now that you have my recipe for new beginnings, let’s get into my food substitutes and household stables, and like I stated earlier, I am a picky eater so know that these suggestions are picky eater approved!


My Favorite Vegan Substitutes & HouseHold Staples

Milk - Silk Almond Milk (Sweeten for Overnight Oats &

Unsweetened for sauces)

Butter - Earth Balance (Original)

Daiya Vegan Cheese - (My favorite cheese alternative)

Pancake Mix - Birch Benders (Plant based Protien)

Mayo - Hellmann’s Vegan Dressing Spread

Colgin Liquid Smoke - (Great for adding smoke flavor to greens, beans, and so much more)

Better Than Bouillon - Seasoned Vegetable Base (Game changer for adding flavor to all your veggies)

Orgain Plant Based Protein Shake - Vanilla (Great for protein shakes and blends well)

Lesser Evil Himilayian Salt Popcorn - (Great snack and low in calories! Trust me you won’t miss the movie theater popcorn after you try these. They also have a sweeten version that is just as amazing)

Pumfu - (Clean ingredients and soaks up flavor! It also doesn’t include soy.)

Bolts Red Mill Rolled Oats - (Great for overnight oaks and so much more!)

Chickpeas - (Very versatile! I sometimes use them to make a chickpea salad or pan roast for burritos, and sometimes I will just throw them onto my salad to add protein.)

Black Beans - (Great for everything!)

Peanut butter - (I mostly add peanut butter to my overnight oats)

Organic Vermont Maple Syrup - (Sweetener)

Greenwise Black Bean Patties - (Great stable to add for anymeal)

Amy's Organic Soups - Vegetable Soup (Great for a quick meal. I love to add chickpeas for protein)


Bell peppers (Red, Yellow & Green)

Onions (Yellow & Red)

Sweet Potatoes

Red Potatoes



Green Beans


Spring Salad Mix

Romain Lettuce






Himalayan Salt


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder


Black Salt - Egg flavor (I add to all of my salads)

Trust me there is so much more to add that I feel will need its own post! Thanks so much for stopping by and I cannot wait to bring you another great read. Wishing you much success on your venture and I want you to enjoy the journey and not worry about arriving at the destination. Chat with you soon Vantastic Family!


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